Ninh Thuan: Attracting a number of investors

29/05/2020 31/12/2020

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Ninh Thuan is located in the South Central Coast, having a favorable position located on the intersection of 3 strategic transport axes, namely National Highway 1A, North-South railway and Highway 27 to South Central Highlands, which is the gateway to connect the Southeast key economic region with the Central Highlands provinces and the South Central Coast; 60 km away from Cam Ranh International Airport, 40 km from Cam Ranh Seaport (capable of receiving ships of 50,000 tons), and 150km from Van Phong International Transit Port. The province is located in the key tourist area of ​​the country, has a 105km long coastline with many beautiful and famous beaches such as Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Binh Tien, Vinh Hy. As the clean seawater environment, warm weather all year round, Ninh Thuan has great potential in developing marine tourism. Therefore, Ninh Thuan province is promoting attraction of investment resources to develop marine tourism, eco-tourism, cultural tourism with many unique products to attract tourists, with the target of developing develop tourism into a key economic sector. There are large clean land funds, the most preferential policies in the whole country, possessing various types of terrain and rich natural land... Ninh Thuan province is really opening up an attractive space for the investors.

The province has issued a mechanism to attract key tourism projects, calling for strategic investors and large corporations to invest and develop high-class tourism products (Beach area of Binh Tien - Vinh Hy - Ninh Chu and National Parks of Nui Chua, Phuoc Binh); building urban tourism products, marine tourism, cultural tourism, agro-ecotourism in Phan Rang - Thap Cham City and surrounding areas; incentives and use of the highest support for investors when implementing projects, encouraging and creating favorable conditions for policies, procedures for open and quick investment, solving problems promptly for investors and businesses. In the province, there are 48 investment projects in the tourism sector with an area of ​​about 1,800 ha, total investment of nearly 15,300 billion VND. The province has 132 hotels and accommodation establishments with 2,843 rooms. The provincial tourism industry develops a code of behavioral culture in tourism activities, improves the quality of tourism staff, enhances the management of service prices, and ensures order and food security, environmental sanitation. Ninh Thuan beach resort infrastructure is gradually "changing its look".

The province has 61 projects on investment in resort tourism with a total investment of VND 20,000 billion. Ninh Thuan is receiving new resort products, which are not present in Vietnam market. In particular, SunBay Park Hotel & Resort Phan Rang is the first large complex project recently grounded by Crystal Bay and its partners on April 9. This resort complex has a total investment of VND 4,500 billion, located at the center of Binh Son Marine Park (Phan Rang - Thap Cham City). It is expected to come into operation in June 2021, this project will provide 3,300 hotel rooms to meet the accommodation needs of the increasing number of tourists every day in Ninh Thuan. The highlight and distinct strength of this combination is also in the chain of 101 utilities with 5-star international standards. 60% of the area is reserved by the investor for the facilities to diversify the visitors' experience. In particular, the 4.7-hectare water park, the beach tourism shopping area, the spa area, 9 infinity pools, 9 Eurasian restaurants ... This large-scale resort complex is also connected to adjacent 19.3-hectare Binh Son Sea Park, promising to become a new cultural and entertainment center in Phan Rang - Thap Cham. Once completed, the complex will welcome Crystal Bay's large international line of guests. In 2018, Crystal Bay Group brought 360,000 Russian visitors to Vietnam, accounting for 60% of the total Russian arrivals to our country, using 4.3 million/night of 3-5-star resorts and hotels in Nha Trang, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan and Phu Quoc.

Ninh Thuan is a land full of elements to implement this strategy, including a large clean land fund, no investment conflict ahead, the best preferential policies for enterprises in the country, owning various types of natural geography and terrain... This is considered an inevitable investment trend when tourists increasingly demand higher for new and diverse services to increase the experience. Projects will create a breakthrough for this rich potential tourism land in the near future./.


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