Ninh Thuan: Welcoming "Vietnam Summer Camp 2019" Delegation

29/05/2020 31/12/2020

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On the 21st and 25th of July, 2019, the Delegation of Vietnam Summer Camp 2019 came to Ninh Thuan and participated in meaningful experience activities for the generation of Vietnamese expatriates abroad.

With the participation of 150 delegates who are young people, overseas students from all over the world, have good achievements in studying and working and have many contributions to the movement of building a united community, heading to the homeland and country. They visited the PoKlong Garai Tower, Bau Truc Pottery Village, My Nghiep Brocade Weaving Village, Provincial Museum, Cham Cultural Research Center, Tanyoli Amusement Park, Hang Rai Beach, Thai An Grape Village, and Vinh Hy Bay.

With a wide range of activities, bringing new experiences for young people and overseas students when returning homeland, it was also an opportunity to meet and participate in voluntary activities, strengthen the connection between the young expatriates with their homeland... promote the image of Ninh Thuan's homeland and people to friends around the world, contributing to promoting tourism in the province.

Although the time of the stay there was not long, Ninh Thuan has left a good impression on the participants through meaningful experiences or interesting discoveries in Ninh Thuan. Those made the members of the delegation comfortable, open-minded, intimate, and united in the summer days.


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