Ninh Thuan: Kate Festival 2020 at Po Klong Garai Towers

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In the joyful atmosphere of the Kate festival in 2020. On the morning of October 16, 2020 at Po Klong Garai towers, the procession of costume and jewelry took place from Po Klong Garai temple, Phuoc Dong 2 village, Phuoc Hau commune to Po Klong Garai towers, Do Vinh ward, Phan Rang - Thap Cham city. Kate festival is usually held annually by the Balamon Cham people in Ninh Thuan province on July 1 (Cham calendar), on the corresponding period in solar calendar September, October or November. With the process from past to present, on the first day the Kate festival takes place at the temples, towers, the second day at the village's common house, the third day at the monk's house, from the fourth day to the end of the tenth day of July (Cham calendar), mostly at houses. This is the end of fall, also the time when the Cham people's crops have been harvested, the time for leisure and rest to prepare for the next crop.

Offerings are offered to temples - towers and in families by the Cham communities, Kate festival or Cham people’s Tet is derived from agricultural rituals. On this occasion, the Cham people worship their ancestors and grandparents at home and commemorate the gods who created the universe and resided on temples and towers, including Motherland (Po Inu Nugar) and other historical figures (usually kings) are identified with the gods who ruled on the towers such as King Po Klong Garai, Po Rôme, ... who contributed to teaching their descendants to weave brocade, to make pottery, to grow rice ... and always keep the rain in harmony, help them to have a more and more prosperous life; The dignitaries represent the community to express their gratitude to the Party and the State for taking care of and help them have better lives, so the appearance of the Cham villages is getting more and more beautiful.

Katie Festival or Cham people’s Tet is a form of traditional festival organization of the Balamon Cham people, the scope of the festival is relatively wide, with high community characteristics, with many unique folk cultural activities. .

Many activities at the special solemn ceremony, imbued with national identity that the Cham people in Ninh Thuan have handed down are almost intact, visitors will be able to participate and experience, as well as enjoy special sing and dance performances at Po Klong Garai towers, competitions about Cham pottery, etc.

Participating in Kate Festival in 2020 visitors can experience and explore the complex of ancient Cham towers, enjoy sing and dance show, watch or dance and sing together with the beautiful Cham girls. Besides, the Raglay ethnic group, immerse themselves in the traditional customs of the Cham people, etc.

Kate festival takes place in a large space, attracting all the members, connecting the communities, coming to Ninh Thuan during the festival season, tourists not only immerse in the ancient Champa culture, but also can visit Ba Moi grapes, immerse in the cool breeze of Ninh Chu beach, go for a walk on the new coastal road easily, and so on. These are attractive tourist spots near the festival area, so it is very convenient for moving.

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